Plastic Modular Belting


Plastic Modular belting is suitable for many applications to improve reliability and resistence to product impact.  By being constructed in a bricklay pattern almost any belt width can be achieve and a very stong structure is formed.  Belts can come in many different styles including the insertion of flights and friction pads as well as rollers for carton accumulation etc.


Flush Grid Modular Belting

•Open area for water and airflow
•Resistant to chemicals
•Resistant to temperature change
•Hard wearing
•Easy to clean
•Can track around curves and spirals

Ball/Roller Top Modular Belting

•Accumulation of cartons
•Robust Handling
•Low Maintenance
•Multi directional product flows

Friction Top Modular Belting

•Customized Coefficient of Friction
•Available integrated with radius flush grid and flat top Belts
•Non Slip belt surface
•Additional Drive

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