Worm Gearboxes


Our range of Italian made Worm Gearboxes are a simple and effective drive solution. We can achieve a wide variety of gearbox and motor combinations, through the use of standard flange sizes and an adjustable input coupling system. Ask us today.


Standard Fit UMI Series Gearboxes


    • Sizes 40 -110
    • Techno polymer Input coupling system
    • Ratios 7:1-100:1
    • Full range of Accessories

Standard Fit RMI Gearboxes


    • Sizes 28-85
    • Techno polymer input coupling system
    • Ratios 7:1 – 100:1
    • Full range of Accessories

Shaft Mounted Gear Reducer


The shaft mounted gear boxes are compact in size, mounting directly onto the driven shaft thus eliminating the use of a foundation and couplings. The gears are helical, hardened and ground of suitable alloy steels. The gear box is suitable for both forward and reverse motion.
The torque arm anchors the gear box, providing a quick and easy method of adjustment of V-belts, by means of a turnbuckle. The gear boxes are manufactured in eleven sizes from A to L with nominal ratios of 5:1, 13:1 and 20:1. A wide range of final speed ratios can be achieved by use of pulley combinations.


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