Positive Drive Food Belt Conveyors


Focused on innovation and new technology Southquip have proven the advantages of homogenous Monolithic belting within the food industry by successfully developing an easy to clean, safe and hygienic belt conveyor design.  Available with Clean in Place (CIP) units, belt lifters and over center adjustment for easy access to inside the conveyor we have reduced the effort required for cleaning and sanitation.  Because positive drive belts reduce tracking issues and remove the need for high belt tension our solutions will bring you savings in water usage, expensive chemicals and ensure maximum belt life.


  • Positive Drive belt Conveyor
  • Positive Drive Belt Conveyor
  • Positive Drive Food belt Elevator
  • Meat Waste Conveyor
  • Positive Drive Food Belt Elevator
  • Positive Drive Belt Conveyors
  • Positive Drive Belt Conveyors (10)
  • Three Row Belt Conveyor

Case Studies

Successful projects completed using Postitive Drive Food Belt Conveyors

Meat Packing Station

Conveyor System

When a Southern Meat processing client asked Southquip to design and create a hygienic two tiered packing station which was easy to clean Southquip rose to the task.  The challenge was creating a reliable system which allowed staff to pick raw product off a top tier conveyor and pack it into lined boxes which could be effectively removed.  Southquip took the latest monolithic belt technology to help the clients food safety issues and created a gooseneck system with a flighted homogenous belt to take product above the packing stations below.  A reliable radius modular belt conveyor below was required to take cartons away from the stations and up a twisted bend rising approximately 400mm.  Our custom edge profiles completely enclosed the belt edge and also prevent binding or lifting on the twisted corner.

This successful project was completed on time and came in well on budget and will continue to provide years of profitability for our client.


Gated Transfer Conveyors

Positive Drive Belt Conveyors (2)

How do you build a conveyor which is easy to clean, hygenic, reliable and able to fold for personel access?  Contact Southquip for a Positive drive food conveyor such as this installed in a Southern Meat Processing plant where technology is first and foremost

Meat Waste Conveyors

Waste Conveyor When used disposal of meat triming waste belt conveyors can become very susceptabile to bacteria growth. Southquip recommended these positive drive belt conveyors to eleviate these problems in a Southern meat processing plant.

Tripe Elevator

Tripe Elevator When handling tripe products for overseas markets hygiene standards are critical. This conveyor system helped our client resolve cleanliness issues and increased productivity. The homogenous belting has high frequency weld cleats and the design prioritises cleanability and safety.

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