Standard Conveyor and Processing Belts


Flat Fabric conveyor belting is suitable for conveying small to medium goods of a wide variety. Flat Conveyor belting comes in different styles for a variety of conveyor construction including roller bed, slider bed and troughing in some circumstances.


Flat belting is generally made of different layers, with tensile strength provided by synthetic fabric plies. These fabrics are connected with layers of thermoplastic materials. The material, thickness and texture of the conveying side depend on the function of the belt.

Cover coatings are mainly made of thermoplastic materials like TPU, TPO, PVC, etc., and elastomer-like rubbers, PUR, etc. – or feature a fabric cover. The running side is usually a fabric, often impregnated with a thermoplastic material, or with special wear-resistant PUR that provides a low and constant coefficient of friction. There are also pulley-side fabrics that feature special low-noise running capabilities.

Material Properties

PVC Belting (Polyvinylchloride)

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PVC belting is a commonly used belt with good chemical and hydrolysis resistance properties. Suited to general purpose conveying and is available with food safe complience it is suited for many direct food contact applications.

PU Belting (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Flat BeltingPU is highly flexibility material even at low temperatures with very good abrasion resistance. PU has good resistence to fats and oils so is particularly suited to the food industry, it is also odor-free (no migration of plasticizers).

Patterned Belting

jumpnplayForged parts1Patterned belting is used in certain applications for additional product transfer and Grip and Traction for inclines. Patterned belts have better cut resistance and can remove the need for bulky cleats


Belts for General Conveying

Patterned Belts

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