Axis Black Rubber Belting


A rugged range of tough belting solutions for the quarrying industry, mining and aggregates producers, timber mills and other applications. Our Axis Economy and Premium range covers your every requirement with options in ply construction, cover thickness and rubber grade

Our range has been formulated in conjunction with our clients and distributers to match the exacting needs of conveying applications in New Zealand.  We offer quality rubber belting products which we can stand behind and trust to move your production forward efficiently and profitably.

Black Rubber Belting Construction

Black Rubber Construction


EP Multi Ply Belting

Economy Range

EP150 2Ply Cut Width 16MPA 3 x 1.5  – Up to 1500mm Wide

EP150 3Ply Cut Width 16MPA 4 x 1.5 – Up to 1500mm Wide

EP150 4 Ply Cut Width 16MPA 4 x 1.5 – Up to 1500mm Wide

Premium Range

EP200 3Ply Cut Width 20MPA 5 x 2 – Up to 900mm Wide

EP200 4Ply Cut Width 20MPA 5 x 2 – Up to 900mm Wide

Ep Conveyor Belting is constructed with polyester canvas interwoven with meridian terylene and latitudinal polymide fiber. It is characteriesd with excellent durability, good resistence to water and humidity, mildew proof. It is widely suited to conveying of materials over medium to long distances with high loads and speed.

EP Multi Ply Patterned Belting

EP Staghead Patterned 25mm NO-FF5

Single Vee

EP150 3ply Cut Width 16MPA 3 x 1.5 + C15 – 750mm

Multi Vee

EP150 3Ply Moulded Edge 16MPA 4 x 1.5 – 600mm, 750mm, 900mm

Chevron Styles (Indent Only)

EP Staghead Patterned Belting Y16-P550

EP Staghead Patterned Belting Y16-P330

EP Staghead Patterned Belting Y16-P440

EP Staghead Patterned Belting Y16-P950

Chevron conveyor belting is designed for inclined transportation for conveying bulk material such as coal, sand, minerals, crop, package and bag depending on different loading material and inclined angle to choose suitable cleat height and chevron type to prevent loading material from dropping down

Nitrile MOR Rubber Belting

EP150 3 Ply Cut Width 16MPA 4 x 1.5 – Up to 1500mm

Improved oil, fat and chemical resistant cover rubber

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belting

Styrene-butadiene rubber is used in the cover and cusion rubber of this belt to create a heat resistent belt which can work normally in temperatures up to 120 degrees. Commonly used in cement, steel and metallurgy industries.

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