Axis 84 Drum Motor

Axis AX84 Drum Motor


The Axis 84 is an 84mm diameter Motorised Drum which comes in standard lengths from 269mm up to 1000mm. These are available in Three-phase and Single-phase motors, input power from 60W to 120W.  Insulation F class and IP 66 protection make this drum suitable for many applications.

  • Safe Enclosed Drive
  • Maintenance Free
  • Efficient and quiet Techno Polymer Gear Set
  • Inverter Duty
  • Smooth Integration into Conveyor Design
  • Crowned Shell for central belt alignment
  • Assembled in New Zealand
  • Overnight Delivery anywhere in NZ
  • Suitable for wash down areas
  • Wide speed range available




Axis 84 Motorised Drum Dimensions

Axis 84 Motorised Drum Dimensions


Axis 84 Endcap Dimensions

Axis 84 Endcap Dimensions

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